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Final Hours on Kickstarter! - Zin Never Dies

Less than 3 hours remain to pledge and grab your copy! [Kickstarter]

Zin Never Dies is a roleplaying game both charming & spooky. Enter a world of Masks & Spirits, where the Gods are real, but you'll wish they weren't... A world where slugs wear suits of armor; where colossal Gods visit 4 times a year; where strange, little masked people emerge from empty caves, with no face and no memories...

 The Gods are real. That much is certain. What they want, no one knows. Whatever it is, it’s best to keep away. To get the attention of a God is no laughing matter. Sure, they can grant you powers, gifts, bend the world to your wishes, but at what cost? The Gods, you see, enjoy drama. The word adventurer may as well be a slur. Call yourself that, and common folks will avoid you like the plague. 

No spells. No wands. Not even Gods.

“Zin is the thing of which reality is but a shadow...” - the Book of Zeek

There are countless Towers, countless types of Zinful magic. Each of these Towers is a unique way of bending the world around oneself. These Towers are no "spell-from-a-spellbook." Two players can choose the same Tower and never use it in quite the same way. With Zin, you will have dominion of an aspect of reality that bends to your will. But beware, Spirits are everywhere, and they will do their best to keep reality as it is. 

How will you change the world?



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